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Irina Steiger 11 января
Пользователь посетил ресторан и оставил отзыв

Ресторан Ruski

Международная, Москва, Красногвардейский 1-й проезд., д. 21, стр. 2
Гарантирует, что автор отзыва посетил ресторан
Incredible view, nice environment, accurate design, high quality food
Payment just cash (it's 2020 or middle age?!) and when arrived we have been warned about a 2 hours of reservation for our table (really unpleasant feeling) while then the restaurant was half empty and we could stay (and stayed) longer, but I would have changed the formula of approaching the guest or would have informed in advance by phone/message. Like that, just arrived, simply made me a useless sense of hurry, while the aim was to enjoy and relax.

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4.0 17493 4 781 обзор